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Natural Nail Care For Men, Women & Children


This manicure includes nail trimming, shaping, buffing, cuticle grooming, lotion, massage then wrapping up with a hot towel treatment & nail polishing.

Spa Pedicure

Delight your feet with this sole saving treatment. Our pedicure includes nail trim, shaping, and buffing, lower legs & feet are treated with massaging their wrapping up with a hot towel & nail polish.

Manicure & Spa Pedicure Combo
Deluxe Spa Pedicure

The ultimate spa pedicure. An extreme extension of our basic pedicure. This treatment adds to lowers leg and foot therapeutic lavender sensual massage. Citrus sugar scrub and foot masque will brighten soften, and relieve dry, dull skin. Its helps clam inflammation & irritation follow by the hot towel wrap & nail polish. Hot stone spa pedicure included.

Manicure & Deluxe Pedicure Combo

Paraffin Spa Included

Princess Manicure (5-10 years old) $17.00

Princess Pedicure (5-10 years old) $28.00

Princess Manicure & Pedicure Combo $40.00



Pure Focus Facial
$40 / 30 Mins

Includes a cleansing facial massage, exfoliation, and intensive mask treatment.

Stress Solution Spa Facial
$55 / 45 Mins

De-stress your cuticle body. Enjoy a gentle gel through cleansing, soothing Aromatherapy Oil massage, stream inhalation therapy and a customized mask using organic. Nectarine products to purity, farm, rejuve, route, and smooth your skin to perfection.

Acne Cleansing Facial
$70 / 1 Hour

For those with oily skin, prone to acne, clogged pores, and blackheads. Professionally relieve clogged pores and inflamed blemished as we utilize medicated ingredients that heal the skin, slows oil production, and skin bacteria.


Acrylic Overlay Full Set
$40 +
Acrylic Overlay Fill-ins
$30 +
Acrylic Ombre Color Full Set
$75 +
Acrylic Ombre Color Fill-Ins
$45 +

Pink & White

Pink & White Acrylics also called “Permanent French”. This is the most popular fashion trend for women. It’s classic, clean, natural, shiny and ready to go without the weight of polish to dry or polish wearing off. It's not the yellowing formula is do
Pink & White Full Set
$50 +
Pink & White Fill In
$45 +
Pink Fill Only
$30 +

Organic Dipping & Shellac Gel

UV Gel is a great coating over natural or acrylic nails. The gel will keep nails shiny & natural without polish. It is recommended for those who constantly work with their hands and don’t want to worry about their shine fading.
ORGANIC DIPPING POWDER (Natural Healthy Nails)
Odorless Products, No UV Light, Light Weight, Mirror, Finish, Feels & Looking Natural, No Liquid, No Damaged Nail Bed, Strengthen Weak Nails by adding Vitamins & Calcium
Shellac Gel Polish
$25 +
Shellac Gel Polish with Manicure
Dipping Full Set (Organic) Overlay
$35 +
Dipping French (Organic)
$45 +
Dipping Ombre (Organic)
$55 +


Upper Lip
Full Face
$40 +
Full Legs
$90 +
$35 +
Half Arms
$30 +
Full Arms
$65 +
Upper Arms
$20 +
Half Legs
$45 +
$60 +
Side Burns

Additional Services

French / American
Nail Design
$5 +
Nail Repair
Polish Change (Hands)
French Polish (Hands)
Take-Off Acrylic
Take-Off Dip/Gel
Polish Change (Feet)
French Polish (Feet)
Gel Finish - Matte Top
Nail Cut
Nail Long
$5 +